Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kiln damage

 I cleaned out the broken pieces of fire brick out my Skutt kiln yesterday and then checked to see if all this brick damage pointed to damage to the elements, and fortunately, it appears that they're OK, so I will be able to fire those recently glazed under glaze test tiles Monday. The parts for the small Cone 10 test kiln were ordered yesterday, and hopefully will be here later in the week. As you can see, the movers really trashed this kiln.

This kiln has been moved 3 times and the other two times, it was moved without any damage. As usual, I took care to pad the lid well and wrap the edges tightly. This time we used United Van Lines and I've never had so much severe damage to my household furniture, and kiln, nor had so many items missing. They will never get my business again. First thing Monday morning I'll be calling Skutt to order replacements bricks.

My pumpkin bread is out of the oven and the whole house is still smelling of cinnamon.  I love to bake on these chilly, wet days. It's a small comfort when you feel chilled to the bone.

Tonight is a Louisiana seafood boil at our sons house on the river, which we're really looking forward to! They went fishing this morning, so there may be even more goodies if they had a good day; but often, after rain, the fishing is not the best. Their friend and house guest Alan,  a well known LA restaurant owner and all round very nice guy, is helping in the kitchen. Sean tended the wood fired pizza oven for over 4 hours yesterday (takes at least that long to get it hot enough to hold the heat long enough to cook a bunch of pizzas). He cooked the pizza while a helper former them, and Alan made the most amazing arugula and walnut salad that I admittedly and unashamedly pigged out on. I need to get that recipe; but maybe like many great cooks, he just winged it!

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