Thursday, October 25, 2012

  East Folk Pottery from Augustin Doublet on Vimeo.

This is a lovely video of Alex Matisse's pottery and his beautiful, wood fired pots.

Yesterday, like so many other days, I had a plan, but then a phone call or a delivery, shifts the plan and one thing leads to another. I did get those under glazed tiles glazes, marked and cataloged, but I did it in shifts. Midway through that job, the doorbell rang and my new iPod touch arrived; and I couldn't resist opening the package; and that's when I got detoured for over an hour.

Problems setting it up because some how, changing my user name and address on my Apple account a while back caused problems, and it kept refusing to let me in. Over an hour of frustration later, calling Apple and speaking to a tech and then to the security people, I still didn't have a password change, because their policy is to wait 24 hrs, even when you pass their security test. So some time after 3 today, they will email me that information and hopefully that issue will be resolved.

The rest of my day was making what Jim called a great dinner - super thick, grilled bourbon pork chops, sauteed summer squash, zucchini and red onions, and a baked potato - quite simple really. These days, after dinner, unless I'm firing a kiln, I just vegg out and do some emails, some on line ordering (yesterday it was vitamins from Vitacost - a great place to order vitamins by the way), paper work and play with our kitty Bonnie, who seems to have a built in clock. By 7pm every night, she leaves her refuge in our bedrooms and  comes calling for me to play. I do so love my life!

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