Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lisa Hammond video

Here's some eye candy thanks to Lisa Hammond and her sumptuous wood/soda fired work.

Jim and our daughter and son in law are heading to Crater Lake this morning; and I'm opting to stay home. The hip and knees are a mess, so I'm going to get myhand watering done, do some treatment on the knee and then head to the studio to separate the bisqued soda pots that will all take the same colored liner, and make a small batch of liner and get them glazed.

Company is here till Sunday, so we're taking them to a couple of neighboring, charming towns,  like Jacksonville and Ashland, and getting some good and new dining experiences. Since we had such a big, rich dinner last night, and Jim and the kids will be eating lunch out, tonight we're opting for a light dinner of cheese, fruit and other nibblies, and of course, some lovely wines.

Yesterday I solved one of my computer problems. I got a stand alone, plug and play, cd Multi dirve, and I was able to reinstall Paint Shop pro, which is now working again. While at Best Buy I also pre-ordered the new Ipod Touch, to replace the one that went walkies, during our move. I still can't solve the printer problem on the old desktop but it works fine with this laptop. These days I don't use the printer much, but I had $125 worth of reward coupons from Best Buy, thanks to all the new appliances we had to buy for this new house,  that I had to print out to go toward the new Ipod Touch.


  1. Kevin Carter10/11/12, 7:33 PM

    Sorry that your knees are acting up, June. I hope that you will be getting around better soon. I'm a loyal reader of your blog, and the way you get things done is amazing! I commented once before, a long time ago, that you have more energy than someone half your age!
    As far as the printer problem, have you tried re-installing the printer driver? If you don't have it, you can prob download it from the manufacturers website.
    That might work, I've solved quite a few printer, video, and sound card problems that way.

  2. Thanks Kevin. I got the printer working with my laptop, but it won't work on the desktop; and it worked fine before, so the one thing I haven't tried is to re-install the software. I keep getting an error message about the spooler and two other files. Maybe I'll try to do as you suggest, when I get a chance. Thanks again!