Thursday, October 04, 2012

The range top and hood are installed and at the moment, the drywall person is sanding the repaired areas of the ceiling. That's the good news! The bad is that one of the burners is not lighting and none of the burners are working on simmer; but it sure looks pretty!

I called Euro stove, the range top manufacturer again this morning because they didn't get back to me yesterday about sending out a service person to replace the part that's keeping one of the burners from igniting. So there are still kinks to straighten out on this unit. But it looks good and my plumber said it's the best looking range top he's ever installed. The burners are very impressive and powerful, so they need to make some minor adjustments and that one replacement. I went to one of their forums, and I see that other people are having a problem with the simmer as well; and read that they are working on a fix for it and will retrofit the units once they resolve the problem.

This morning my glands have gone from golf ball size to jawbreaker size, so the intense vitamin therapy and oscillococcinum seems to be working. Other than have to chores, like a bit of gardening and cooking, I'm going to spend the rest of my time watching TV while I deal with tons of email and see what I can do about some of these computer issues on two computers. I think I'll be off to Best Buy as soon as the workers are done here to buy and have them install a new network card on my ancient desktop. The other "must do"today,  is to get to the Dell website and see if they have any solution to my weak wi-fi signal on this laptop.
The painter comes tomorrow or Monday at the touch up those dry wall repairs. Our daughter and son-in-law arrive the following day, so if I get any studio time it will have to be what I can steal on this weekend. We still have all the pots and pans to put back in the cupboards and on the counters once the workers are done; and then there's shopping to do to re-stock the fridge and larder and getting the house ready before our daughter and son-in-law arrive.



  1. I had trouble w/ wifi on a laptop once and cured it with an external antenna.Looks like a thumb drive and plugs in the same way.It will override a bad antenna and they are really cheap <$10.

  2. Thanks Dennis. I need to get to Best Buy this weekend and see what they have like that. This laptop has worked fine with wi-fi for 8 years and suddenly, about a month ago, I started getting this constant disconnecting. :-(