Monday, October 08, 2012

Company preparations

Never got to Costco yesterday. We were too tired from our Ashland farmers market, grocery store and Best Buy shopping. So we went after breakfast this morning. I decided to go through the whole store, stocking up on a variety of food staples and nibblies to have on hand for our daughter and son in laws visit.. Jim picked out his wines and headed back to the car, leaving me to do the rest of the shopping.

It took me a while to get to the unpacking and put things in the freezer, because when I opened the back of the car, one of the bottles of wine rolled out on the driveway and made a huge mess as the red wine  shared it bouquet on the pavers and the bottle exploded in a million pieces, landing far and wide. So I headed to the  studio to retrieve my vacuum and spent about a half house vacuuming, sweeping and washing down the driveway, and then sweeping it because the washing down removed a lot of the filling between the pavers - not how I expected to spend that  part of my day!

After that cleanup I got the lobster bisque I treated us to at Costco, heated for what was now a late lunch. Then I got the rest of the things put away and started on my garden chores. My other stop before Costco was the local garden center where I picked up some garlic bulbs and an artichoke plant. Getting those planted here and at our sons place will be on tomorrows "to do" list.

Since I'm still dealing with this flu bug, I'm giving myself a lot of rest periods. I actually got to read the Sunday paper on the day it came, ordered myself a pasta drying rack and spent a lot of computer time using Dell's free diagnostics on my ailing, Dell laptop. Seems my cd/dvd, etc. drive is dead, and a wi fi internal piece of hardware is also not working properly. It would be around $100, plus paying for someone to fix it; and I'm just wondering at this point, with a 3 year old well used laptop, that suddenly had two hardware items going belly up, and no guarantee that the motherboard itself isn't ready to expire. So I think my next step is to look at the cost of new laptops; and just hold out as long as I can till Windows 8 is installed on the newest ones.

Meantime I'll make sure all my documents are backed up daily, on to my stand alone hard drive and get them backed up to this second laptop and on to my ten year old desktop which also has to have a network card replaced, but otherwise seems to be still going strong.

Our daughter and son in law arrive Tuesday and maybe our son in law who has amazing computer knowledge can give me some advice with all these computer woes. Tomorrow will be spent getting the house tidied and doing my least favorite household chore - cleaning the refrigerator, a job I should have done before I filled it to the brim the past two days!. I'll tackle that chore right after breakfast so I don't have to spend the whole day dreading the prospect.

Our daughter requested lobster dip, but I couldn't find any at 3 different stores, so I bought a lobster tail at Costco and now I'm going to use Google, the repository of all wisdom, to find a recipe, so I can make that tomorrow.

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  1. Hope your feeling better soon! As for the computer doesn't sound like it's got much life left in it!