Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First earthenware tests firing

Finally got in a good days work. I applied  Amaco's Lug and Velvet under glazes to these slipped and bisqued tiles. I did groups of 3 tiles with 4 of the same under glazes applied, and each will have a different clear glaze over.  There was also time to wad a few more soda pots even though I think I have enough for a firing; but just in case there isn't. I also loaded my tiny electric test kiln and turned that on at 5:45 this morning. I decided to fire those at cone 04. Most  are C04 and a couple of  03. I'll probably re-fire some or all of them at 03 just to see how far I can take them. One of them, a John Solley clear can go to cone 1.

Today I'll batch a couple more earthenware glaze tests. There's a terra sig I want to test as well.Fortunately I still have a lot of leftover slipped and bisqued tiles.. I'm hoping that I'll be making actual pots soon; but first I'll have to decide on which of the white slips I'm firing today, will be the standard.. I don't want to get into 35 glaze buckets like I had thirty something years ago when doing cone 10 reduction. Ideally I'd like a white and maybe a black slip, a clear and an amber and/or honey glaze and the rest of the decoration will be under glazes.

I have to get over to our sons place some time this afternoon. It's been 3 days since I lasted harvested the veggies.That takes at least an hour out of the day. Fortunately, dinner is going to be very easy - Colonel Sanders chicken which Jim will pick up for us, and my home made potato salad. so I'll get a second day in a row with some good studio time. I think that today I'll spend a little bit of that time organizing. There's a table full of stuff that I haven't a clue where it is going to have to go. That studio/garage is literally filled to the rafters; and I need to find a place for those things because that table has been designated for a small pugmill in the not too distant future.

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