Monday, October 29, 2012

This is my new toy/design tool. Since earthenware is such an unknown to me, as well as decorating with under glazes, it seemed wise to do some colored sketches of possible designs and color combinations. I found these permanent markers at Walmart  and even though many of the colors don't come very near some of the under glazes I bought, I think it still gives me a good idea of what I might like. I made the two strips of the actual, applied colors on paper so I could see if they matched the colors on the pens, pretty close on some, not on others.

Here are a couple of pictures of my crude colored drawings, using the same mug shape and design, but just using different color combinations. After doing the drawings, I realize that I would make some changes in placement of some of the colors; but I like the color combinations for the most part. So I'll spend some more evening time, looking at some of my saved sketches and try them with various color combinations.

I've been busy this morning with repair men who replaced a part on one of the knobs of the new range top. They also fixed a problem with the simmer, which wasn't working; and now I notice that the flame is too high, so I had to get a call in to them about coming back.

Then there was an order to call in to Skutt to replace those bricks damaged in the move. Now I'm just waiting for the studio to heat up so I can load those test tiles. I've decided to put firing off till tomorrow because there's just yet, another glaze test I want to try. 

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