Monday, October 15, 2012

My tacky side

Tracy Broome on her blog a few days ago was talking about her tacky side and her affinity for Elvis on velvet paintings and other kitschy art. My tacky preference is anything related to chickens, so here I present my newest purchase from a local kitchen shop. It serves two purposes - firstly to satiate my chicken kitsch addiction and secondly it's going to make a nice mold for my new earthenware pieces (no chickens since I can't draw anything but leaves and the most simple, childlike birds!) Squiggly lines, stamping and blotches and lots of contrasting colors of underglaze is probably going to be my direction for decorating earthenware - kind of post modernism meets modern folk art. All will be revealed once I start making and decorating.

I've been busy this morning with making potato salad to go with tonight's Bratwurst and sauteed pepper and onion sandwiches; and now it's time for a late breakfast and then a bit of studio time before I head out to buy some sheet metal to make a wind break for the small Olympic soda kiln. I also want to stop at the local dollar store for some plastic ice trays which I think would be good for setting out under glazes.

It rained last night and we have a few more days of rain and cooler weather in the forecast for the next ten days, so it won't be long before the garden gets put to bed, and we can stop eating zucchini and I can get days in the studio instead of the catch as catch can minute or hour here and there.


  1. Love it! The tackier the better:) when I was in college one of my professors actually taught a class on kitchen and how to recognize the "good stuff"
    Chickens are great, ill keep my eye out for some good ones:)

  2. I wish you could see my wonderful tacky chicken rug!!!

  3. I used to have a tacky chicken rug near my sink. Whatever happened to that?????

  4. Tracey, I think my tacky kitchen addiction is partly the fact that I so miss having real chickens. We even found a restaurant here called the Red Rooster that has a lot of kitchen statues, paintings, etc. And I always sit near one of the two bay windows filled with all the chicken figures and pictures. I have one treasure of a ceramic, sitting hen, that I bought in the 70's in a New York French boutique. It sits in a basket in my dining room and it's my chicken treasure. I should take a photo and put it on the blog.

  5. My first post was auto corrected, should have read "kitch" !! haha! I will be looking at every chicken out there now when I am shopping in antique stores!