Friday, October 19, 2012

A Trader Joe's morning

That little test kiln is still acting up, but jiggling the knob a couple of time, did manage to get it going again, and it finished firing around ten o'clock last night. I'll unload it later. The tiles were a bit too hot  bit too hot to handle an hour ago. I could see that a couple of the re-fires still had some pinholing. These were bisqued at 04, so the problem is probably that they need a slow rise for the last couple of cones to allow those little buggers to settle down. I think the next batch I fire will be in the larger kiln with the digital controller. I'll re-dip a couple of those problematic glazes and see if there's a difference with a more controlled firing. I haven't fired that kiln since it's been moved, so firing it just with those tests, will at least let me know that all is working OK - I hope!

I'd post some pics but computer is not recognizing my camera now. I'll have to re-boot once Norton is finished defragging and backing up and see if the Norton re-install or the  Malware software update has screwed something else up on this laptop. :-(

Bread making, cooking, garden chores and dealing with  Norton anti-virus software issue took away studio time yesterday. I finally had to uninistall and reinstall it and finally was able to back up files; but now I can't fnd the files in the drive it said it backed them up to. AARGH! So I'll do another backup today and if it's still a problem, I'm going to have to call Norton.

I can't believe the difference gardening in zone 7B. Our sons garden is full of food to harvest - squash, zucchini, watermelons, snow peas, lettuce, bush beans, artichokes, spinach, cauliflower and broccoli. There are even quite a few tomatoes still ripening. The only thing showing signs of damage from the overnight temperatures is the basil. Good thing I made a couple of batches of pesto a week or so ago. My own, newly raised bed garden is thriving. I can't believe how much things have grown in such a very short time. Some of the leaf lettuce starts are already big enough to harvest side leaves.

We will be driving over to Medford this morning for the opening of the new Trader Joe's. My daughter in law says it's a great store, so I can't wait to see what they have. It's been more than thirty years since I've been to one, and from what she says, I'm sure it's quite a different store these days. There's also a new REI sporting goods and clothing store in that same new complex and Jim is looking for a new jacket. So it's going to be a shopping morning, lunch out kind of day.

I should be able to get some studio time to glaze those tiles that I under glazed the other day, after I do some pre-dinner prep. Tonight I'm just going to do a chicken, cashew, snow pea stir fry and rice dinner. With everything prepped and ready, dinner will be on the table in about twenty minutes. And that's is so far, for today.


  1. I ditched Norton years ago. All kinds of problems with it. Been using AVG since with no problems whatsoever.

    Have fun at TJ's!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely check it out when Norton expires; but that's going to be a while.

  2. I had a fun day at Trader Joes this week myself (see blog post haha)
    If you didn't get it this time, when you go back, get their Thai Red Curry Sauce, it is so good, this time of year especially. I like to add a little coconut milk, butternut squash, cauliflower, peas, lentils, potatoes and some Thai basil, but anything will work. Also, they have Pumpkin Bread and Muffin mix right now that is really good too.
    I am so envious of your gardens here on my rocky, shady, hilly piece of land :)

    1. I love Thai food, so I'll definitely look for that sauce. I grew Thai basil this year. In fact, I should cut some and dry it!
      Tracey, I had that kind of land in North Carolina, and we built terraces. Raised beds is what I'm doing now since 99.9% of my new back yard is pool and concrete!