Thursday, November 01, 2012

This amazing, contemporary looking piece is actually a circa1700, Staffordshire slip ware plate. While Jim lovingly took over the kindly duty of playing door monitor for the over 100 trick or treators, I took refuge in our bedroom, with our kitty Bonnie and dog Bodhi, who I can pretty well say, barked almost non stop for three hours. He's not used to living off the mountain, so every noise - car driving by, etc.etc. sets off  another one of his hall monitor barking sessions.

I got this picture of this wonderful plate from the the Wisconsin digital collection, which I found while googling for some slipware examples. It's an amazing resource of not only ceramics, but other things. Here's the web site if you care to explore this and have a lot of time to enjoy it.

Since I spent so much time on that site last night, I never got to finish some of my glaze notes, which I'll get to later. Right now it's time for a shower, and some studio time. Later this afternoon we have to get over to our sons place to harvest veggies since that hasn't been done since Sunday. Dinner is is pretty easy since I have leftover stuffed cabbage, so I'll just have to make more mashed potatoes and green beans.

Hope our friends in the east are getting needed help to recover from this super storm. I wish someone who knew how to do it, would set up a charity site on ebay so we potters and other artists could donate work to help. Many of our fellow citizens are in a really bad way right now.

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