Friday, November 02, 2012

Ron Philbeck's neat technique video

Ron Philbeck is using a new shellac technique on his earthenware and it looks like a great tool to replace the more labor and time intensive method of scraping away the slip, which is what he has been doing to create his fabulous, whimsical designs. And since I'm going to be using slips with the earthenware, the one thing that concerned me was the dust and the amount of time needed to do do all that painstaking scraping. So today I'm going to get some of that amber colored shellac  and ammonia for cleaning the brushes, to have on hand once I get past this testing phase and start making actual pots.

Went to bed with a headache and woke up at 3am with my head and back still in pain, so I got up and hit my paper piles, made the days "to do" list and fed my sourdough starter and got the overnight email done.

After a big pancake and sausage breakfast yesterday, Jim called 3 very ripe bananas to my attention, which is his way of saying "it's time to make banana bread". Baking, other cooking, yard chores and glaze notes took up what was originally going to be actual studio time.

It always amazes me how one thing just leads to another, unfolding into a day that looks very different than the one I planned. It also makes me wonder why I even bother to make my "to do" list every day; but I still do

So, today's list includes meeting with the gardener this morning to find out how to change the settings on that watering system, and afterwards, going over to our sons to harvest veggies (which didn't happen yesterday because Jim came home too late). Then there's Walmart and hardware store stops for a few things and hopefully I can find my way to the scrap metal place in  White City for some lightweight metal pieces to create that wind barrier around that little soda kiln.  If I can get that today, I will be able to fire sometime in the next week because currently, the forecast is looking like I might have a couple of back to back no rain days to get in a firing.

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