Friday, November 16, 2012

Clayfolk annual show and sale starting today in Medford Oregon

It's a cooking morning. Right now I'm waiting for my Bolognese sauce to finish cooking and then I'll be heading to the studio for a couple of hours.

When Jim gets back from his doctor appointment this afternoon, we'll be going to our local clay club "Clayfolk's" annual sale at the Medford armory. If you're in Southern Oregon, this weekend, they have a great show with over 70 potters from all over the state and Northern California, with demonstrations, etc. If you want to check on the schedule of the weekend events just check out the webpage:

You'll have to copy and paste the link since I can't figure out how to get the link to open up. I tried several things, but nothing showed in the blog preview.

Yesterday was an Ashland day for a wonderful lunch at The Lark, with an old friend we hadn't seen in about 15 years. There were a lot of years to catch up on and it was a deliciously long lunch. It was our first time at The Lark, which is in the Ashland springs hotel and the food was fabulous. We will definitely be back and maybe for dinner next time. There were a few shopping stops afterwards and then home in time to start on dinner - a very good day!

This week we're in search for an artificial tree to replace the one we gave away when we moved. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any in the 4 foot size, which is what we need, because Jim spends more than half a day setting up a village scene with all our little antique leaded figures, and there would be no way to keep the furry kids, Bodhi and Bonnie kitty from knocking it all down if he had to set it up on the floor, under the tree. If I didn't have allergies or didn't mind killing a live tree to decorate the house for a couple of weeks, we could get a live one; and if I had room to plant one, I'd buy a live, baled one; but there just isn't any room for another tree on this tiny suburban lot.

So, the plan is to continue the search tomorrow, and if we don't have any luck, I'll be looking to order a newer version of our old one on line.

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