Monday, November 12, 2012

Terra sig and glaze tests on the days agenda

Yesterday I got a few versions of a majolica glaze batched and on to tiles. Before I knew it, it was 5:30     - long past the time I usually call it a day,  close up the studio and start dinner. Since it was later, I quickly changed my original dinner plan and made a quick and easy,  Fettucine Alfredo.

Today I need to batch up a red terra sig now that I found a suitable container. The old sun tea jars I've used for terra sig in the past, were given away before we moved and of course, this time of year, both new and used ones are no where to be found, so I had to settle on a two gallon plastic container which should do the job.

There are a few more glazes to batch today as well. I'm looking for some pastel tones, so it's kind of a shot in the dark method of guessing how much stain to use. I still need to order a couple of stains which I'll do later today. I thought I had more than one yellow, but the only one I had was a praseodyium yellow which is a more lemony color than what I'm looking for in a slip or glaze. What I want is a very pale buttercup, probably a titanium based.

With all the cooking and baking I've been doing this week, trying to use all  the of the gifts of the garden this time of year, there hasn't been much time or energy for the studio; and now with those veggies slowly getting used up, I'm seeing a bit more light at the end of the tunnel. It's always a balancing act between studio time and trying to feed us well as well as tending the garden and other household chores. What I really need is a wife; but since that isn't possible, Jim has at least agreed to bring home some Chinese takeout for dinner.                            


  1. i told my husband just last week that I needed a wife. Why is that!?
    sometimes I do more before 9am than he does all day.But he has the paying job, so I cant argue :)

  2. Tell me about it Tracey! LOL