Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I was asked how I made those slip trailers, so here is a material list and assembly instructions:

Shopping list:

1 box bicycle inner tubes, (I used Sunlite, schrader valve 26X1.95-2.125, which I got on depending on how many trailers you want to make.  Using a scissor, cut off the section of each tube on either side of the air valve. Then cut in pieces that you feel comfortable with (remember that you'l be folding the back end with the clip, twice.

1 box Acco binder clips as shown at the back end of the trailer.  (you can use larger ones that I used. When the inner tube is laid flat, is slightly less than 2" wide. I don't know how many sizes they come in; but 1 3/4" would be fine, if they make that size.

graduated corks 1 1/4" diameter at the widest. Amount depends on how many slip trailers you want to make; but definitely get extras because sometimes they will crack as you drill, because you'll always get one or two as I did, where have natural split areas right where you would be drilling the center hole. If you want 6 trailers, I'd order 8-10 corks for insurance.

a package of inexpensive, thin, Bic ball point pens.You can buy a while package with multi colored tips for a few dollars.

1 roll of waterproof, reinforced tape (as shown in yesterday's blog photo).

1 package of thin, stainless steel wire.


Pre drill holes in the center of each cork, first using a drill bit to make a pilot hole, quite a bit smaller that the size of the pen. Then drill with a size that will work with the pen; but don't go too big. You want a very tight fit.

Remove the insides of each pen. (you can use the ink cartridge by itself or discard it).

Insert the pen through the hole of the cork, starting at the wide end, and push it through till it comes out 3-5" or whatever you'd be comfortable with . (I think I should have made mine a bit longer.) It helps if you twist the empty pen. Remember, you want a tight fit. If it's too tight, and twisting isn't getting you anywhere, remove the pan, and drill again, moving the drill bit around the hole to remove a tiny bit more of the cork; but only go to a bigger bit if absolutely necessary.

When you have the pen extending out of the cork at the length you want, then use a hack saw or cut off the excess pen flush with the other end of the cork.

Once you have your pen in the cork, insert the cork with the pen tip through one of the cut sections of inner tube. Have part of the cork extend outside the tube. Then, using the stainless steel wire, tightly wrap  the wire around the outside of the inner tube to secure the cork inside, and keep it from slipping. (I wrapped it a lot!). Twist the ends, well, and lay flat.

Then tape the wired area with the water proof tape. You may have to do it it small sections, which overlap, to get a tight fit and allow for the graduated size of the cork.

Lastly, fill with slip, make a double fold at the end and clip shut

Hope this is clear!

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