Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Oxford Ceramics show video

Steve Booten shared this wonderful video of the Oxford, England ceramic show. There is an amazing array of great potters and outstanding work here and it's worth more than one watch and with  lots of pauses. Steve's work is here, along with Ruthanne Tudball, Lisa Hammond, Clive Bowen, Nic Collins, David and Margaret Frith, Phil Rogers and many more!

It's another foggy morning, so I'll continue with paper work until breakfast, then get some studio time until it warms up and then I need to do some garden cleanup. I did some cleanup at are sons place yesterday and will try to get back over there this afternoon to finish up.

Yesterday, as seems to be the pattern lately, was a "woman plans, God laughs" day. I did get studio time to make up a couple of black slip tests and roll out a couple more test tiles just for these slips and some terra sig in a few days. I'm waiting to get another black stain, which should be in the mail, so I can do the last black test this week, hopefully. I'm also still waiting for those parts for the tiny electric test kiln. They should have been here by now.

I didn't get the soda kiln checked out. It was on the days list, but when Jim checked the weather and it said that there's a chance of rain tomorrow, that puts that project on hold; but next week the forecast is for better weather; and by then I'll be done with these earthenware tests and have the two glazes, clear and honey weighed out and ready. It's a bit of a juggling act with this earthenware testing and trying to get the last of the soda pots glazed and fired and out of the way so I can then concentrate on shifting to the Cone 04 work. Meantime, there's enough other studio and garden work to do right now, so putting that soda firing for yet another week is not a problem; but it would be nice to get some done and up on Etsy in time for Christmas. I haven't even had time to check out some of the local galleries since we've been here; but I will have to do that before too long, because I'll soon be inundated with too many pots and no place to store them.

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