Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mercury retrograde curse

When mercury is retrograde, I should just go sit in the closet with a good book! After making a nice breakfast yesterday (French toast and bacon), taking care of morning email and other chores, I headed to the studio to make a Redart terra sig. Breakfast went OK - no mercury retrograde curse there; but when I was weighing out the terra sig, I added too much water - not that much, but enough to put a halt to my next plan of weighing out more earthenware glaze tests.

So I had to leave the bucket sitting on the digital scale until after dinner when it settled enough for me to remove that extra water. In the meantime, I shifted gears and decided to put the little cone 10 test kiln back together. That took a while since I kept dropping the tiny screws, searched for a broom, because there's a law of physics that when you drop anything it immediately takes cover under the nearest piece of machinery or furniture! Eventually, I got it put back together; and decided I wouldn't change the switch, since that was changed not very long ago; and I think the current problem was just the melted sensor rod, which is what I replaced.

After that I decided to finish up some glaze notes and found that I had totally screwed up a sequence of numbers in one of my glaze books, so that was another "fix it" job of the day. After dinner I was able to weight out two more batches of the Redart terra sig, with no problem.

We have to go out this morning for my last, post hang nail surgery checkup at the podiatrist. What did people do before podiatrists? Did hang nail infections cause an early demise??? In one sense, it feels really silly to have to go to a specialist for this (3 visits), because the human body didn't know where toenails are supposed to grow!

Since we'll be out and about, we'll try a new Pan Asian restaurant "Bambu" for lunch, then a quick stop at Trader Joe's for some of their good gluten bakery products and home. We should be home by mid afternoon, and maybe I can get a couple of those glazes weighed out before our leftover Kung Pao chicken dinner, as long as the mercury retrograde curse, doesn't strike again!

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  1. ugh! so that's it! I knew there must be a reason for everything feeling so backwards. I'll join you in that closet.