Monday, November 19, 2012

Interesting weather day

The only studio time I got was to decant the terra sig a bit more and check the specific gravity of the slip, which needs to sit another day or two to thicken up a bit. I checked the new corks against the slip trailers and they are way too big. I ordered them before the inner tubes arrived and went by the inner tube measurement from the manufacturer, which was based on the circumference of the inner tube and not the diameter. Now it's going to take a week for the new corks to arrive.

We are having very interesting weather here - very, very windy, overcast with ominous looking rain clouds,  and around 60 degrees! I had my raised beds covered with Remay and held down with rocks and the 35-40 mph gusts blew off the Remay. I managed to get it before it landed in the pool and then went around looking for more rocks to hold it down. So far, so good.

I'm still harvesting lettuce, thanks to the weather holding above freezing at night and the remay. We're having dinner at our sons. A rancher friend of his is contributing steaks, I have the salad made, and some huge, stuffed baked potatoes thanks to our local gourmet butcher shop who has a local people making some of their goodies.

After a day of looking locally, and not finding a suitable sized and quality tree, I spent some time on line today reading reviews and looking at various sellers and finally found a nice little, 4 1/2 foot tree. Those higher quality artificial trees are heavy and a 4 1/2 footer is as big as we want to deal with at this stage of our life and it will look nice sitting on a table, and Jim will have plenty of room to set up his little village underneath.

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