Saturday, November 10, 2012

Research day

I've been doing a great impression of a couch potato all day, spending lots of time on my glaze notes and research. Part of that research was watching a lot of you tube slipware videos, and taking notes. Initially I was looking for more detailed information on the hand made slipware trailers pictured in the Mary Wondrausch book, and as seen in the Hannah McAndrew videos. And, I think I have the design pretty well figured out - just have to get all the materials for the project.

I just ordered some of the bulldog clips and I have an order of bicycle inner tubes, which are used to hold the slip, on their way. There will still be some corks to order; but I can't do that until I see what the exact opening is of the inner tubes. Both these ladies use old ball point pens (insides removed), inserted through a cork, as the tips for these hand made slip trailers.

After watching all those videos, I have to say that slip trailing looks like it could be a lot of fun once you get it down. I'm not interested in copying 17th century slipware, but it should be fun exploring versions of that as a decorating option.

Email, cooking and animal care pretty well filled out the day. Now I need to do my snail mail and wind down the day with a meditation and some PBS travel shows and Brit coms.


  1. I have used Hannahs trailers they work great.

  2. Dennis, how does she get the pen to stay in the cork? On one of her videos she said she wires them???? I watched all her you tube videos yesterday and read some answers she gave in the comments section and she mentioned the type of cork she uses, so this morning I'm going to see if I can google the name and order some. Did you make your own, or does she sell some? I've already ordered the bicycle inner tubes and the clips. Now I just have to get some pens and the corks. It looks like she taped the inner tube and cork, so I got some pretty strong waterproof tape at my local hardware store the other day. Did the one you make or buy have that area taped?

  3. Corks is corks, a rubber one would be great. Tight friction fit on the pen. Wire the innertube to the cork then tape over. A spring type hose clamp would work too.

  4. Forgot to answer the last question. I don't have one, I literally used Hannah's at a workshop she did at Dan Finnegan's. After wrapping with wire and twisting it tight she covered it with tape.

  5. Thanks Dennis,I think I have some stainless steel wire, and if not, it's readily available. I like the idea of a rubber cork if I can find it. Wonder if they're called rubber corks, or have another name???? Google, the repository of all wisdom may have the answer. :-)