Sunday, November 04, 2012

Under glaze test results

Here's a lopsided photo of yesterdays Cone 04 under glaze tests. All the under glazes are Amoco velvets or Lug. I have no idea why a right side up photo, suddenly gets turned sideways when I post it to blog spot. Anyone know how to correct this? There doesn't seem to be any option once it's uploaded to turn it. :-(

This morning I realized that the solution to my not finding any metal to build a wind shield the other day, might be to use some of my advancer shelves instead - at least until I can find a metal fabricating place to cut me some pieces. So this afternoon, I'm going to turn that little Olympic kiln on and see how it's working. I drilled out the orifices to get the burners working with natural gas, so I'm hoping all be OK. now that it's on natural gas. If it is, I'm going to load it and try to fire tomorrow if the weather permits.

I think I'm also going to leave these under glaze test tiles in situ and re-fire them to Cone 03 tomorrow. Replacement parts for the Olympic cone 10 test kiln have yet to arrive, so I'm going to forget about being green for another day and fire the kiln again with only one shelf of test tiles. It's time to get on with making some pots.

Since I want to get to the studio now, and make the most of the day, dinner is going to be easy, comforting and mundane - hot dogs and beans.


  1. June, I've had that same rotation problem a few times with photos that I've taken with an iPod or iPad. You might try rotating it a quarter turn the next time you take a photo and see if that helps. That is, if the photos were taken with those kind of devices. If not, I have no idea.

  2. I'll try that one Marian. I took this picture with my regular, Canon powershot. Something is screwy with the computer because it won't let me upload photos with the cable, so I've been having to upload them with the removable storage device; but they're uploading right side up on my Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. They only get turned around when they get uploaded to the blog; and I have no idea why it's happening, nor does there seem to be any place on blog setting to correct it.:-(