Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wish I had a better photo; but my little Canon digital camera doesn't do well in close ups - as is obvious in this photo! This is the dinosaur bone that I made into a cabochon for my grandson Aidan. Up close, it looks like a red, oil spot glaze!

It took me a while to cut and make the cabochon, since I had to dig through various boxes of lapidary materials to find all that I needed, and then set up my machines. There was also a flaw in the raw material which showed up on the last bit of polishing and I had to start over by making the cabochon smaller.

I did get to drill a couple of corks for the slip trailers; but my cordless drill batteries are just about dead, even after re-charging, So I need to switch to my non cordless Makita. It's pretty hard getting the drill bit to go through the center of the corks! First one came out fine; but second one came out at an angle, probably because the drill just wouldn't work when I drilled straight down and would only give me some power if I held it sideways! AARGH!

My final order of under glazes arrived yesterday, so tomorrow I'll get those on to test tiles. I've been holding off the firing of the other tests until these can be included in the firing.

Our son and his family will be flying back to L.A. this afternoon, so we're going over to their house right after breakfast. We have to do a bit of grocery pick up shopping after we leave there, and when I get home it will be time to start on dinner, which is going to be the dinner I planned for last night. At the last minute, I realized I didn't have any fresh sage which is a large component of that pasta dish, and that late in the day, we just weren't up to driving to the store for one ingredient. I have every other herb in my garden and have no idea why there's no sage. Either I totally missed the mark or the plant died! I planted some at our son and daughter in laws house this spring, so I'll harvest some there. In fact, they have 2 plants, a mature one my daughter-in-law planted among their landscaping, which I didn't discover until after I had planted one in the veggie garden. So I think I might just dig up the one I planted, since one mature sage is more than enough for the average household.

I'm so looking forward to a lot of uninterrupted studio time tomorrow!


  1. Aunt June - I had no idea you were into lapidary work (along with all you other creative endeavors). I have been wanting to get into that as part of jewelry making! How funny. Next time we are together I'm going to ask you all about it. :)

  2. Sounds good Andrea! Too bad you didn't live close by!