Thursday, November 29, 2012

Everything but pottery

 The new Christmas tree arrived two days ago and it took till yesterday morning for us to figure out how to get the dual lighting system to work.  A call to the company yesterday morning finally clarified what the instructions didn't bother to mention! The lighting operates off a remote control and you can either have colored or clear lights or both; but trying to match the lines and plugs was challenging because of incomplete instructions; but all worked out on day two and the little tree looks happy with its Christmas finery.

The rest of the day was spent getting the decorations in the house and decorating the tree. Today, Jim will start his part of the job of  setting up the village under the tree. That's the bonus of being allergic to real Christmas trees - you get to set an  artificial tree early and can leave it up as long as you want!

A friend came late this morning to talk with us about essential oils, which sound miraculous. I couldn't stop smelling some of them, they were so intoxicating. Amazing product that I can't wait to start using.

Afterwards, we all headed to our local Mexican restaurant for a big lunch, so for dinner I'll just re-heat some leftovers and maybe just do popcorn for myself.

My Dell, wireless keyboard finally died this morning, so buying a new one was on the after lunch "to do" list. This time I got a Logitech with a mouse, not realizing that my Dell mouse was still working. So, at least I have a backup if one of them goes.

I'm expecting this laptop to go any minute. It seems to be dying in degrees - first the the cd rom drive died, then the wireless keyboard this morning, and the regular keyboard is acting like it's possessed - letters or numbers jumping up two lines, or jumping back a couple of words, or replicating themselves wildly with no way to stop them. Yep, I think it's possessed! I'm just hoping it will survive till after the holidays when prices will drop and maybe the new generations will be out. From what I've read, Windows 8 is a disaster, so I may be considering an Apple next time since even Windows 7 doesn't work well with a lot of my old software.

Time to do finish the days email, get into some cozy sweats and sit back and enjoy the brightness and cheeriness of the Christmas tree on this dismal, very rainy day.


  1. Christmas tree up already! Looks lovely : ) Think maybe we could do with a bit of holiday cheer round here

  2. It so much work, that I like to get it up early and leave it up late! It was a good, rainy day job.