Saturday, November 03, 2012


 It doesn't look very pretty, but it tasted great (yaki soba noodles with garden veggies and mushrooms).

The test tiles are firing after two false starts. Kiln is up over 525F. I have no idea why I got the Error 1 messages a couple of times; but on the third try it seemed to take. Since moving, and getting the kiln hooked up, this is the first time I'm firing it, so I really had no idea what to expect. Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it will finish with no glitches.

Four replacement bricks arrived yesterday but I need to get someone in here to install them for me since neither Jim nor I can lift those sections off by ourselves; and it might be a few more days till I can help anyone else lift them.

It's another damp, cloudy, morning and I'm going to take it pretty easy today. The rib I banged a few days ago when loading the heavy bottom shelves in the kiln, has gotten worse the past two days, so it's time to rest and read some backed up pottery magazines, continue sketching pot ideas, work on my glaze notes and save the rest of the time for checking the kiln and cooking.

Yesterday was a busy run around day. I got the shellac for resist, trip to a metal salvage place, and a stop at the grocery store for ammonia to clean the shellac off the brushes. The trip to the metal salvage place was a bust. We think we may have found it after a few runs around the industrial area, but it was closed, and seemed only to have large metal chunks in the yard. At least we think that was the place since no address numbers could be seen and nothing else in that block came near to resembling that kind of business. So I need to see if I can find a metal fabricating place to cut some pieces for me. We then drove to our sons place and I picked a couple of bags of veggies. The peas are producing like crazy! The zucchini is finally slowing down and same for the beans. I cut some broccoli and cauliflower so I have veggies for the next few days. I used some of the snow peas and zucchini in last night's yaki soba dinner.

Tonight I'm just doing some fried clams for dinner. I fed the sour dough yesterday, and since I can't do anything strenuous, I think I'll start on a loaf of our sourdough nutty fruity breakfast bread now, so we can have it tomorrow. Times like this make me super grateful for my kitchen aid mixer!

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