Saturday, November 24, 2012

One of the consolations on such a cool, dreary day, are the beautiful leaves with various shades of gold, orange and rust that I can see from our neighbors trees, whose branches generously flow into our space. Since those trees, which are green the rest of the year, and are very messy, it's nice to see that we at least get rewarded for a couple of weeks in the fall, which this amazing burst of color. Unfortunately, this photo doesn't do justice to intensity of color in person.

On this post Thanksgiving day, we took it a bit easy and unpacked some Christmas decorations. I got a couple of areas decorated  including the living room mantle. We also got the 3 outdoor wreaths up and since we no longer have a staircase, I have to see if  I can use that staircase greenery elsewhere. I don't think it's long enough to fit around our taller than normal front door, so I'm going to have to think about that one. The new tree is in transit and it will be nice to have the rest of this Christmas decor finished before it arrives.

The smaller corks for these hand made slip trailers arrived today; and they're a perfect fit, so tomorrow I'll drill them and get the pens, minus the ink cartridges installed. The thin, empty pens will be the tips of these home made slip trailers.

We're now winding down our day, in bed, watching the National dog show on PBS, after having some post  Thanksgiving time and leftovers with our son and family and friends. Time now to  enjoy the National dog show on PBS -  a  nice, quiet, wind down ending to a very good day.

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