Friday, November 30, 2012

It's been another everything but pottery day, other than unpacking a 120 mesh sieve that arrived from Bailey this afternoon!

After morning tea and a shower, we were out and about all morning - first to breakfast, then drive to Mdeford for some shopping, home to put away groceries, pick up mail, and get right on the computer to search for what the store didn't have. Then I had to feed our furry kids, and water the planters that are under the eaves. Even with all the rain we've had and more and worse on the way by Monday, those plants have to stay under the eaves because they're shade ferns, a Japanese maple and other low shade plants.

About an hour later,  after putting in some orders at Amazon for a few things, it was time to start on dinner.

It took over 3 hours to make the classic French Onion soup gratinee and a simple chocolate pudding. Now I'm going to finish my wine and go through the rest of  my snail mail, and call it a day with a Sherlock Holmes mystery before an early lights out.

There's nothing on the agenda tomorrow, to interfere with studio time, other than quitting around 4 to start on a Fettucine with ham and mushroom dinner. I'm not sure what to do first in the studio; but I think I'll get those new under glazes on to the last of the bisqued tiles, and maybe roll out and throw a few more test tiles, because I'm not sure I have enough for the amount of under glazes in this latest order. If I get all of that done, I might just throw a couple of small test cups to test the slip if I can get the specific gravity right. After a test a few days ago, it was too thin, so it's been settling out so I can remove some more of the water.

Jim started on the under the tree village a couple of hours ago and I think he's going to push off finishing it till tomorrow. His back, like mine needs an overnight rest! Have I mentioned that we're old and well worn! LOL

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