Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday dinner and studio time

Yesterday I got some decent studio time and prepped a bunch of new under glaze tests ready for bisque firing. The tiles on the upper shelf  have already been fired to cone 04 and I want to re-fire them later to cone 03; but first, these new tests on the near shelf have to be bisqued in my tiny test kiln, then glazed and fired. Then I can re-fire all of them to cone 03.

After sitting a few days and testing the specific gravity, my basic white slip still wasn't thick enough , so I made up two more small dry batches, added them, re-sieved and still I'm a bit off. It looks quite thick but doesn't meet the 720 gram weight per 50 ml that Ron Philbeck recommended. I'm not far off so hopefully a day or two with the cover off the bucket it will be right. At this point, I'm wondering if he adds some Darvan 7 to thin it a bit for pouring. HMMMM????? 

After cleanup, and unpacking and setting up my new studio clock, it was time to call it a day and cook dinner. The clock is a self setting atomic one. It was really cool watching the hands automatically go around setting itself.

This morning has been spent on kitchen and other household duties; but tonight's dinner is all prepped (meatloaf, pan roasted potatoes and honey and ginger, carrots). I'm finding that doing this early dinner prep works really well with meals requiring a bit more time; and then I have most of the afternoon for the studio, to make some more test tiles.

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