Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santas helpers have been very busy

It looks like Santa Claus has adopted the Walmart business model of keeping a lot of local warehouses stocked with  their merchandise, because he's been sending a lot of his presents to our house to be picked up at a later date. Or maybe he's just being merciful to his reindeer and lessening their load Christmas eve! In any case, our guest bedroom and half our garage, looks like some spaces on that hoarding reality show.

As for me, other than answering the door several times a day, I've been doing some holiday cooking. Today, in addition to normal meal prep, I made a pate, as well as a batch of sugar cookie dough, which I'll bake tomorrow. I even found time to re-do all the tabbed, separator cards in my dessert recipe box. The old ones were about 50 years old and falling apart. They should have been retired long ago but it wasn't until yesterday that I found some at Office Depot that would work.

 The local stores didn't have the meringue powder to make the Royal icing for the gingerbread men, but when I got home, my order which I was told wouldn't be here until after Christmas, had arrived.  I guess the package made it through the mid west  the day before the storms arrived - lucky me!

Our son and family flew in to town tonight, so the next week is going to be family time and baking time The studio is just going to have to be put on hold until after the holidays.  There's fudge and popcorn balls and more cookies to be made and decorated and presents to wrap in between animal care and other household chores.

Time to say goodnight and finish watching yet another version of the  "Christmas Carol" - this one stars Patrick Stewart who is a very good Scrooge. All versions are so good in various ways, that I can't decide which, of any of them, is my favorite; but maybe the Alistair Syms portrayal has a slight nostalgic edge.


  1. Mickey Mouse version is surprisingly good!

  2. Haven't seen that one. Will look for it it n the future.