Saturday, December 08, 2012

More Christmas village photos

Here are two more shots of our under the tree village.

It's been a computer morning, trying to figure out what stains to buy. Different sites, showing the same Mason stains, had color charts that did not match. So, I was checking a lot of sites, and googling the numbers to see if I could find a consensus. I finally gave up and ordered a few yellows and greens and will hope for the best. 

Once my hair dries I'll get to the studio. Meantime, I'll get some dinner prep done. It's a Saturday night Nachos and margaritas menu, so I just have to chop serrano chiles, grate the cheese, dice the tomatoes and make a batch of margaritas. With all that done, dinner will be quick and easy.

Even with the studio heat on for two hours, it was still cool and very damp in there yesterday; but I managed to get the new under glaze test tiles glazed with 2 different clear glazes, and a third one with is a 3% rutile version of one of them, and got up to date with the glaze and slip notes. I also did some pot sketches. Things are going very slowly, but at least they are going, even if it is at retirement pace!


  1. Do you know about U.S. Pigment for stains? Good prices...


  2. Thanks Tracey. I discovered them years ago; but you have to order at least 1 lb of stain, but I needed to order some smaller amounts in some of the stains, so I ordered elsewhere this time.