Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's only about a inch so far, but still snowing, and sure looks pretty! Good thing I don't have to drive anywhere this morning because it's pretty slippery out there.

I have some paperwork to do this morning and then I'll be heading to the studio. Jim didn't get back till mid afternoon yesterday, and he arrived with a pile of mail and packages that I had to deal with so it was another no studio day; but there's nothing on today's agenda after the paperwork and ordering some vitamins, so I will get in the studio after breakfast, after I get the slip and glaze recipes written out.

My aim was to have all these tests weighed and on tiles before Christmas and it looks like that will happen, even with all the holiday preparations and other delays. Dinner is going to be super easy tonight - ham steak, sweet potatoes, corn and applesauce, so I'll be able to get a full afternoon in the studio.

This retirement pace is working pretty well, especially the "no work" evening part, which is compatible with my energy these days.

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