Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another busy retirement day

Got my paperwork together and weighed out 6 new glaze tests yesterday; but stopped because I was just about out of containers; but it was already 4 o'clock and time for me to get started on our usual, early dinner. While the sweet potatoes were baking, I got on line and ordered about 50 more pint sized plastic, take out containers. Meantime, Jim went to the store to see if he could find me some of those lightweight, inexpensive, 1 pint round, ziploc containers. But they didn't have that size and what he brought home were larger, square containers. So I'll use those later today for some slip test batches which don't have to be weighed out  - just a cup of slip and teaspoons of oxides.

I also have to throw more test tiles for the glazes and slips. It's a big "to do list today", but not sure I will get it all in. If I have time, I also need to make banana bread. The bananas are at just the ripe stage of being very ripe, which is how you want them for banana bread.

We've had some bad weather in the area and more coming in tonight. There was a 60 car pileup in the Siskiyous yesterday and although we're not going over the pass, we were planning on celebrating my birthday with dinner in Ashland. But we've decided to cancel that for another day since Ashland which is higher altitude than Eagle Point, where we live, tends to get more ice and snow and night time driving in those conditions is something, at our age, we try to avoid. Instead, I took some bolognese sauce out of the freezer and we'll have a comfort, pasta and salad, home cooked meal.

We have to get out in a bit for some chores. A trip to Costco may be a place to find some of those plastic containers and maybe some birthday dessert. :-) I also need to stop at the grocery store because an email yesterday said that my order for the meringue powder and other things I need to finish Christmas baking, probably won't arrive until after the holidays due to bad weather. Evidently Colorado is a hub where a lot of these packages go through, so I'm hoping some of the other, larger grocery stores in Medford will have what I need, or at least have a substitute. Those gingerbread men are going to need Royal icing in a few days before I deliver them to the grand kids. There are also stops to be made at the post office, library and Office Depot - another busy retirement day!  


  1. I don't know how it happens, but I've found I'm busier now than I ever was when I was working full time plus. People always say, "But what what will you *do* when you're retired?". Never a problem what to do, only finding the time to do all that I want and need to do!

  2. Happy Birthday! Even if it was your own pasta sauce and a bottle of Chianti - I'm sure you had a lovely evening.

    I seem to remember that royal icing is basically sugar and egg-white, so you should be able to improvise if necessary. Let's fact it, it probably won't have to keep for very long if I know most grandkids :)

    1. Thanks Mike. I used to make the raw egg white Royal Icing; but these days they're saying it's not safe. Fortunately, when I got home late yesterday afternoon, my order with the meringue powder arrived, so I'll be able to make a safer Royal Icing.Don't know how we all survived years ago, but we did! :-)

    2. Wow! They dreamed up something else for us all to be scared of. I suppose that the concern is that eggs infected with salmonella would make the icing unsafe. I suspect that this is groundless for two reasons: the royal icing contains so much sugar that the salmonella bugs would not be able to survive in it. Secondly, the icing dries - and I understand salmonella do not survive drying out like some bugs. However at Christmas time the last thing we need is more worry and stress so I'm glad your dried egg white turned up.

      Hey, they will be telling us that all fired glazes with Barium Carbonate in them are poisonous because Barium Carbonate is a poison. Oh they already are? Someone explain basic chemistry to these people!

      Thanks for another year of your wonderful and inspiring blog, and a merry Christmas to you and all your family. Oh and don't forget to celebrate your 'unbrithday' when the better weather comes.

  3. wow you sound really busy but then Christmas isn't far away, hope you have a good birthday!

    1. Thanks, it was a very good birthday; but definitely not the day we had planned!