Friday, December 07, 2012

More Christmas village photos

Here are a few more of Jim's under the tree village scenes.

It's been a busy morning of email, cooking a big breakfast and doing some sketching and now I'm heading to the studio for a couple of hours to glaze those latest under glaze tests, and maybe slip a couple of pots.

After lunch we have to go out to buy some Christmas lights. We've decided that the 3 wreaths we put up outside, are not merry enough, so we want to get at least one (I'm opting for more), set of lights to put on some of the landscape shrubs to perk up our outdoor Christmas decor. Like some of our other elderly neighbors, we're not prone to getting on roofs or ladder anymore to decorate for Christmas. We leave that to the younger neighbors.

By the time we get back and set up the lights, and if all goes quickly, I should get another hour in the studio before I have to start on dinner. Tonight's menu is pork cutlets pounded thin and coated with flour, dipped in egg/milk mix and panko crumbs and fried, candied sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli - maybe with a cheese sauce if I have time.


  1. I'm enjoying your Christmas spirit! Tonight we went to get a tree, first time in 19 years our daughter wasn't with us :(
    last year we waited for her to get home before tree shopping and we almost didn't find one. I love the villages, makes me want to start a collection for future grandchildren!

  2. Jim has a lot of fun setting up the village every year. Many of those figures were from my grand mother and my mom. All theof the buildings are newer. We had a much larger collection of antique Christmas tree bulbs and figurines, but some of our boxes were stolen from our N.Y. city apartment storage room in the mid 60's. Over the years, we were able to find some replacements on ebay.
    Our daughter has carried on the family tradition and has been collecting a lot of these old lead figures for the past ten years or so. She has the most amazing pieces, which makes our collection looks pretty skimpy by comparison. What's also lovely, is that such a collection doesn't take up a lot of space and that works for our daughter and her husband who live in an apartment in Germany.