Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sgraffito effort

Since I'm still waiting to get all my stains and under glazes, I tried to sgrafitto a couple of the test pots. I solved the cold studio problem which occurs when Jim needs to open the garage door - I bought this lap, work table for about $5 at Michaels a couple of days ago, and retreated to the warmth of the living room to do the sketching and sgraffito on a couple of pots.

I got a bunch of older Duncan under glazes on ebay at a great price. Seems I was the only one bidding on them. They're in the mail, so I need to throw a bunch of small cups in the next couple of days.

Since I'm still not sure what direction my earthenware decoration is going to go, I'm going to try a bunch of different things and see how it feels and looks. I love the idea of a lot of color like Matisse's painting and post modern work. Since I really can't draw much of anything, but think I have a good sense of balance, I'm hoping that the under glazes will be the direction that will appeal to me the most. Doing the sgraffito was fun, but I can't imagine wanting to do this on every pot!

Other than harvesting some veggies and cooking a couple of meals, it's been a day of this and that.

Our mulch was delivered this morning and applied - thanks to the younger gardener person. Jim is off to the dentist again, and I've been tied to this computer getting emails down below 700, and doing a lot of computer filing and cleanup up, updating my ipod touch before Itunes crashed. After a re-instal/ repair, that job is continuing and then I'll do the Ipad. Listening to Christmas music has kept me from screaming. I hate this computer cleanup/filing business; but it has to be done. I just need to quit saving recipes, photo, articles and other things that take up my time. The problem is that they all look so good!

The furry kids are fed, and, more household chores await - the vegetable bin needs a major clean out. I took some pesto sauce out of the freezer and I'll use it on linguine. That and a salad will be a nice, easy dinner. After bacon for breakfast and chicken salad for lunch, it was time for a vegetarian meal.


  1. I like your lap desk. What also works well for sgraffito is an old egg crate type mattress pad cut into a big square. All the little carving pieces then fall into the depressions, and you can just roll it up and carry your scraps to wherever you want to dump them.

  2. Try Pinterest! It's great for saving all that great stuff on the Internet that you know deep down you or ably won't use but can't pass up. Then periodically igo through my Pinterest boards for inspiration.