Monday, December 03, 2012

Jim finished the village setup under the tree and it looks great, even though it's on our smaller kitchen table; but I think next year he may follow my advice, and use the bigger table. :-) This year he managed to get lights working inside all the buildings and it's really a lovely sight, especially at night.

The last under glaze tests are being bisqued. I loaded the tiny test kiln last night and turned it on at 6am, so it should be done around dinner time; and I'll be in the studio all day. There are test tiles to clean up, slip to weigh (hope the specific gravity is finally right!), and throw a couple more test cups and plates.

Since I pretty much have the whole day for work, I think I'll spend some time putting more things away; or more specifically, trying to find garage space for non studio items that are taking up valuable and limited studio space!

The bisqued soda pots are taking up a lot of available space, but we haven't had 3 clear days, which is what I need to start those firings,and it looks like
he next ten days are no different than the past couple of months! I might just have to pack up some of those pots since they're taking up my one and only ware cart, as well as valuable space on my slab roller, which is my only work table!

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