Monday, December 10, 2012

Studio morning

I'm fortified with a high protein, not very healthy, breakfast (egg salad sandwich), and have my studio "to do" list for the morning, and my grocery list for this afternoon. I figured that I'd better get my Christmas cookie making ingredients this week, because experience has shown that if I wait too long the grocery store shelves will be pretty bare in the baking section if I wait too long.

With the grand kids in town over the holidays, I'll be baking a lot more cookiies and gingerbread men.

Since I've been mostly doing anything and everything else in the studio, but make pots, because of lack of space to store any more, on today's "to do list", is the job to see if I can tighten up the storage room by re-arranging what on some of the shelves by stacking things that can be stacked, and clearing off the slab roller which at this point has become a temporary spot for storing non studio things like the pot rack we removed from the kitchen, among other things.

Once the slab roller is clear, I can start thinking about doing some slab work. 

I will throw one thing today- a new lid for an antique advertising jar that's I've had for over forty years. It's my well used, flour jar. I broke the glass lid a couple of days ago and decided to throw one with the new earthenware clay and glaze it blue to match the blue "Borden's" lettering on the jar. I'm not sure what that jar was orginally for, but I suspect it may have been for dried milk, or????

Since I have enough leftover margarita mix, and we've had enough meat the past few days, tonight's dinner is going to be quesadillas, guacamole and margaritas. After dinner the plan is to do some computer work. The job I've been putting off too long, is to transfer all my document, music and photo files from the stand alone hard drive to my smaller laptop.


  1. I need to clean and straighten, too! My studio is not tiny, but seems smaller when it's disorderly.

  2. June, I've found that those produce boxes from Costco are great for storing green or bisque ware. The boxes are sturdy, have solid bottoms, and are made to stack one on the other with "keys" on the boxes that hold them solidly together. They're great to stack up a bunch of pots in a small footprint. And they're awesome for transporting pots, too. I just tuck foam in between the pots and they never move.

  3. My problem Marian is that I don't have any space to store too many more boxes, except maybe under my slab roller table if I can consolidate what's already under there!
    I have some great rubber maid boxes,that I used to use to take things to shows, store small containers of glaze batches, etc; but I'm using those now for other storage in the garage. Scaling down our living and studio space have really limited our storage options.:-(