Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A smorgasbord kind of day

Halleluijah! Yesterday I actually got to do everything on my studio "to do list". The slab roller got cleared of glazed, waiting to be fired, soda pots. Other studio and non studio items that were also, temporarily residing on the table got cleaned and found new homes. The table didn't stay clear for long, but at least now, it's only a temporary housing for current pots that are drying before getting bisqued. f

I re-arranged my only ware cart to make room for those soda pots, and got my white slip re-mixed, checked the specific gravity and dipped a couple of test pots, threw the lid to replace the glass one that I broke on my antique, glass, flour jar, and another shallow bowl to for more testing. I think the slip was still too thick.  And last studio chore of the day was making notes of which pots had that thicker slip.

Dinner was later than originally planned because Jim had an emergency dental visit due to a broken crown. By the time dinner was over, I was too tired to do the computer job I had planned for the evening, so I just caught up with email and did some computer filing.

Before breakfast this morning, I looked through some of my pottery books for slip colors; but didn't find quite what I was looking for, so I'll continue that after dinner. If I can't find what I'm looking for, I'll just have to do a bunch of testing on my own. I want a medium dark blue; but not the Noxzema variety, so I'll probably have to test some cobalt with modifiers like iron and manganese. The greens should be easy, and same for some of the other accent colors.After breakfast and some household chores, we headed out to do some shopping for Christmas baking supplies and a few other groceries. By the time we got home and put groceries away, it was time to make lunch. And there went half the day.

I managed to get a few hours of afternoon studio time to slip and sgrafitto a couple of pots. After adding some more water to the slip, and re-weighing it, I found that I made it a bit thinner than I wanted; but I went ahead and used it on the interior of shallow bowl and the exterior of a bowl I slipped yesterday with the thicker batch tomorrow, it will hopefully have settled a bit and I'll pour off a bit more of the water and try to find a thickness somewhere in the middle between the too thin one today and the thicker one from a couple of days ago. I'm not sure what other slipware potters do when they get a blob of thick slip, but I sanded a few of those off. This is going to be a bigger learning curve than my super thin soda fire, flashing slips! I also realized that I want to make a thicker batch for brushing, since it took about 3 or 4 coats with wait time in between, using todays thinner slip.

A couple of deliveries of very large boxes of Christmas presents,which had to go in the garage, put a stop to studio work because the garage door stayed open long enough to make it too cold to stay in there and I retreated back to the house to turn the oven on and do some dinner prep.

I got the roast chicken re-heating and just when I planned to continue researching those slip colors, a delivery of 4 or 5 boxes of essential oils arrived which have to be opened and checked and turns out we are missing some of our order, and on top of that, they shipped me an order meant for someone in Tahiti! So first thing tomorrow I need to get on the phone to straighten that out. It has definitely been a smorgasbord, multi tasking, kind of day.


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