Friday, December 14, 2012

Playing with sgraffito

Here's another sgraffito test plate. I do like having a job I can bring into the house when the studio is too cold, as it was yesterday. It's been interesting testing different tools for the sgraffito; and testing different stages of the drying. Yesterday I did a leather hard plate and if that one sample is any indication, I think I prefer waiting till the slip is dry. Next I'll try it on freshly applied slip.

My last stain order arrived from Seattle Pottery supply; but I'm still waiting for the last under glazes which should be here any day.

A couple of sgraffito plates and some cleanup is all the studio time I got yesterday. With Christmas so close by, I spent the morning yesterday pulling out my Christmas cookie and bread recipes and making a shopping list for this morning. With the grandchildren here for the holidays, I'll be making lots of Christmas cookies.

By mid afternoon I had to think about dinner, since I was roasting a couple of rock cornish hens and making a rice, mushroom, almond and raisin pilaf. After dinner I continue the search for colored slips and found a good source, so hopefully, when I get back from grocery shopping later this morning, I'll start weighing out some of them. If time allows I'd also like to test one of more of the stains in glazes.

It's a non cooking night since we're meeting friends at a Pan Asian restaurant we discovered recently, so I'll be able to get a little more afternoon studio time than usual.


  1. Charming design on your plate.

  2. Thanks Dennis. I'm enjoying exploring this.