Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another baking day

After a great cheese blintz breakfast (thank you Costco!), I had to get out to the store to get a couple of cans and plates for gifting cookies. Then I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon rolling out and baking the sugar cookies and decorating them. I also made Czechloslovakian cookies with raspberry jam centers, which I love, and have put together these few gift cans and plates of cookies.

There are still gingerbread men to decorate but I don't have time or energy to get started on that project right now. There are also other cookies to make tomorrow. Once those are done, I think I will call it a day with cookie making this year.

It's party time with friends tonight and I'm hoping  I don't fall asleep after the first glass of wine. I am definitely pooped! So I'm going to close my eyes and meditate to recharge.

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