Saturday, January 03, 2009


Well I finally figured out how to operate my new mini cam and get the
video uploaded to the computer, put together the various bits and
make a crude, first attempt, one minute movie of me unloading the
last months soda/salt firing.

It's on you tube and I think this URL should take you right there if
you want to see it.Here's the link for the video. Just copy it and paste it and
it should take you right to it; otherwise just go to: www. you
and type in June Perry and it will bring it up among a few others.
Hit the button on the bottom right of the video screen to give you an improved
My first attempt at viewing it was a tiny bit blurry and then I hit the button to
get higher quality and it was a huge difference! I'm learning as I go! com/watch? v=g6HoCJGcamI

You have to sign up and/or sign in to rate the movie.
Now that I figured out how to do this, I'll be making more little
clips as time and energy permit.

It's going to be warm today - high 50's, so I'm going to take
advantage of this warmer weather and clean my kiln shelves!

Till later,

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