Friday, January 30, 2009

Mark Peters wood/soda fired

Here's another pot from one of our very talented local artists - Mark Peters. This was fired in both a soda kiln and wood kiln - a lovely piece!

Our construction shopping trip was a bust other than the purchase of a pedestal sink for the smaller upstairs bathroom. At least we had a nice dinner at Cheddars with friends. Next week we'll have to check out our local plumbing supply store for the bath fixtures for the remodeling. We did get a couple of tile samples. The one I really liked was way too expensive for a bathroom we never use, but if I found a couple of neutral less expensive choices with some textural interest in the glaze that we're hoping will work.

Today is just yet another no studio day. We had to get one of our dogs to the vets by 8am where he's spending the day for a series of tests that have to run 8 hours. After dropping him off I had to get to the hospital for my own sonar scans which took longer than I thought. Tests came out fine, so by then we were ready for a big breakfast since I hadn't eaten since dinner last night. By the time I got home it didn't seem much point changing into work clothes to just work for an hour, since I had mail to read a dog to walk, and the taped semi final of the Australian Open tennis to watch.

Ceramics Monthly and my Cooks Illustrated arrived so I'll peruse them for a bit before we head back out to pick up Shanti at the vets and do a short grocery shopping stop - another very busy day with no time for the studio!

Till later,

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  1. There's a great video intro to Raku Firing up on the Canadian Tourism YouTube site. Thought some of your readers might find it interesting.