Thursday, January 08, 2009

Snowy mountain morning!

It's beginning to look like a winter wonderland out there. We're up to about 2" of snow and it's still coming down, creating this exquisite blanket of white on everything!
Today was going to be a "running around" day - dogs to the groomer at 8am, breakfast out, a couple of shopping stops then back to pick up the dogs; but as the saying goes "Man plans, God laughs!".
At 7am we got a call from the groomer that they were canceling all the appointments for the day. So today will wind up being a studio day.
I did my followup paperwork on the soda/salt test tiles, had a lovely visit with John Britt and Joy Tanner and got filled in on their current project of building a small soda test kiln. From the picture I saw, it's going to be a little beauty! There was a bit of time before I had to go in to prepare dinner, to throw a few bowls and a couple of mugs and do a bit more studio organization.
Our Clay Club meeting/get together for food/drink and fun was canceled last night as well. Mercury isn't supposed to go retrograde for a couple of days and we're already experiencing it's classic delays, postponements, etc.

Till later!

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