Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Robin Hopper slab bowl

Here's a Robin Hopper slab bowl that my husband bought for me years ago - an interesting piece.

I'm definitely in cooking mode these days and finding that doing as much prep in the morning and then getting in a bit of studio time later makes for us getting better meals but me getting less studio time, at least for now.

The pinto beans yesterday were the BEST! I didn't do them purely vegetarian. After tasting them I felt they were lacking a bit of depth of flavor, so I added three pieces of applewood smoked bacon pieces for a bit of smoky flavor. I imagine one could try just a bit of smoke flavoring to get the same effect without adding meat.

We've never had a "just beans and cornbread" dinner and we will be having this dish regularly! It was a big hit and we have leftovers for another day.

I'm eager to try more recipes from this new vegetarian cook book; but tonight I'm making tilapia filets marinated in a lime, orange juice, garlic, etc and then baked on top of white rice cooked in chicken broth and then mixed with a mixture of fresh pineapple pieces, black beans, salsa, cilantro, etc. Most of the pre-prep is done so I'll be able to get several hours in the studio after lunch before I come in to get it all cooked.

Time now for a quick salad lunch and on to the studio.

Till later,


  1. Love the matt glaze on Robin's bowl. I've been making quite a few pots of beans and rice lately, my secret ingredient is three dried hot peppers to one very large crock pot full.

  2. We make "Texas tacos": cornbread, beans (any kind: black, pinto), grated cheese, choped lettuce & tomato, and spoonful of salsa. A big favorite. I think I'll try your baked tilapia. Love your blog! Gay

  3. The bean recipe is from the "Vegetarian for Everyone" cook book by Deborah Madison. It also has hot peppers in it for that extra special kick. My hot peppers of choice are serrano chiles which have the heat of Jalapenos but a better after taste on my palate. I grow my own in the summer and freeze them. Two to three plants usually give me enough till the following year. I mince them and add to scrambled eggs along with bacon pieces and onion, and I use a lot of nachcos which we have about once a month with margaritas.
    Your Texas tacos sound a lot like a dish I had in a New Mexico restaurant. It was Indian flat bread laid flat and topped with beans, cheese, lettuce and tomato. It was unbelievably good - so good it made me go out and buy a local cook book!