Thursday, January 22, 2009

Doug Lawrie Shino Bowl

Here's a Doug Lawrie bowl from my collection. Doug lived and worked in Japan for years and moved back to Santa Barbara in the 80's. He does the most amazing brushwork and this shino bowl is a great example.

My intention of working in the studio yesterday changed when workers showed up to do waterproof painting in the basement and some electrical work. The painters were here all day, so I never made it to the studio other than to give some instruction to my electrician friend, who went out to get some supplies and didn't return, so I suspect he'll be back again today. Instead, I used the day to go through just about every seed catalog that had arrived the past few weeks and got all my spring seed and plants orders finished. It was a nice job on wintry day!

I ordered vegetable and flower seeds, raspberry, boysenberry and blackberry bushes, more asparagus plants, sweet potato slips, a bunch of perennials and an apricot tree. Hours later when I ran the list through my mind I realized that I'm going to be doing a lot of digging this spring, so I'd better get back in the studio this afternoon.

I'll be house bound this morning since Jim is off to the dentist and one of our dogs Bodhi, who is a rescue dog, freaks out with strangers in the house and one of us needs to be here. It was also one of those days that the phone never seemed to stop ringing. Before I knew it, it was around 4:30, the painting crew was leaving and it was time for me to start dinner while musing on how fast the time goes these days and how little seems to be getting accomplished.

Till later,


  1. That is a very nice bowl, beautifully balanced decoration. I like the way the decoration spills into the central space-maybe an idea to take on board for my bowls!

  2. I like that as well. It creates a greater feeling of movement and vitality in the piece.


  3. I have 2 of his pieces that he did in Japan for his show in Clarement in, I think, 1965. So he's still working?

    Bennett Bean

  4. Don't know if he's still working Bennett. I've had that bowl for about 23 or 24 years. It was purchased from Doug soon after he moved back to the Santa Barbara area, from Japan. The first time I saw his work was in a gallery in Japan in the early 80's, so it was nice to be able to touch base and purchase this lovely bowl from him a few years later.