Monday, January 26, 2009

Following a day or rest

Here's a wonderful salt glazed slab plate by New Zealand artist Merilyn Wiseman which we purchased when we were visiting Auckland in the 80's. It's a wonderful piece with various slips and flashing on a intriguing shigaraki type body.
I found this link for her web page if you want to see more of this artists work:

Yesterday was definitely a day of rest. I was prepared to get in the studio for a bit and instead wound up doing glaze chemistry, paper work, cooking, re-potting some tropical plants and watching the Australian open. The day just flew by.

I was up before 6 am this morning so used the time to take a few more photos from my pottery collection for the blog. After breakfast I'll be back in the studio. There are pots to slip and more throwing to do today.

Workers should be arriving early to replace a heavy shelf in my studio and begin the rebuilding of the floor of the front porch. As I suspected on Friday, they didn't show because the wood wasn't delivered until the afternoon. I'll happily take refuge in the studio after breakfast, from the construction noise!

Till later,

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