Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mashiko temmoku/kaki plate

The Japan pottery collection show comes to an end for now with this lovely temmoku plate with kaki and white glaze pours from Mashiko. I have a bunch of smaller items - sake sets, yunomis, etc. that I may post in the future. It's time to give a couple of other countries in my collection some blog space.

This plate is typical of the work being made and sold in Mashiko -a lot of clones of Hamada's work. A huge, chun platter that I had the hotel ship (wrong move), arrived in pieces because the only wrapping they did was put two thin sheets of tissue paper around the platter. And I paid for that packing!!! AARGH!

I don't know what if anything I'll get accomplished in the studio on this auspicious, history making, Inauguration day. Between the Inauguration ceremonies and celebrations and the Australian Open tennis (we're big tennis fans), I suspect we're going to be glued to the TV most of the day!

Till later,

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