Friday, January 23, 2009

Sesame seed toaster

I didn't have time last night to take more photos, so here's another pot from Japan. It's an open body meant for toasting sesame seeds.

Another non studio morning - the dogs have to get their annual physical and shots today, so the morning is spoken for. Hopefully we'll get home in time for lunch and I may actually get in some studio time after lunch before we have to join friends for an early dinner.

Yesterday was another non studio day since the workers showed up to do another coat of sealant on the basement walls and finish some electrical work in the house and studio. My friend Jim got my new compressor oiled and working so now I have no excuse to start playing with my pneumatic extruder again. Now I just have to find some time to get in the studio! He over filled the oil and had to spend about ten or fifteen minutes removing it from the monster compressor.

I made good and fun use of the non studio time and got out my companion planting book "Carrot Love Tomatoes" and drew up my vegetable garden plan for this season, watched some of the Australian Open Tennis and prepped some meals and did some computer clean up.

The workers will be here this afternoon to start on rebuilding the floor of the front porch, and replacing a studio shelf, if the wood delivery arrives on time. Jim will be home so I won't have to baby sit our rescue dog Bodhi who freaks out when people are working in or around the house.

We found that one of my heavy, wood shelves which houses small, but heavy buckets of raw materials had not only warped but was pulling away from the wall. Good thing we caught that or I would have had one huge mess on my hands if that shelf gave way.

Time for breakfast and off to the vets.

Till later,

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