Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A do nothing day

I thought I was done with posting some of the pots from my Japan trips, but Michael Kline's has been posting his new yunomi pictures on his blog so I thought he'd enjoy this hakeme yunomi with thisclassic pine tree design.

As I suspected our day was spent mainly in front of the TV enjoying the Inaugural events. What a joyous day for America and the world!

I did manage to get meals on the table and go through many of the garden catalogs that have been arriving the past couple of weeks. I've gotten some seeds ordered already and now I'm taking my time not to get too carried away ordering more than I can plant! As Michael Cardew told me years ago, when I admired his vegetable garden "we can't make it too big or we'd have no time to make pots!".

This year I'm going to plant a couple of elderberry bushes - an homage to my youth and picking the wild ones with my grandmother in the woods of Pennsylvania so uncle Georgie could make his elderberry wine. He had a very small wooden barrel which was usually pretty empty by the time the wine was actually ready because he and his friends we're always tasting the batch checking for readiness! My cousin Anita and I would sit on the swing under the grape arbor hand picking those tiny berries off the sprays. Nice memories.

Today will be a studio day. I hope I have more energy after breakfast!

Till later,

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