Friday, January 16, 2009


Here's a modern day Oribe pot that I bought in one of my Japan trips in the early 80's.

It was 2 degrees here this morning, colder than they've seen in these parts for a long time! I got a couple of hours work in the studio just doing a bit of trimming and putting some handles on some mugs. The studio was warm enough because I keep the heat up for my tropical plants who are wintering in there.

Even the dogs did their morning business as fast as they could this morning, for which I was very grateful!

Till later,


  1. Your timing is perfect. I'm making yunomi today. I just want to call them cups, but the show I've been invited to is calling them yunomi. No problem.
    Your cup is a great inspiration to me. I, of course love all of the elements of this beauty, the shape, the glaze drip, the brushwork. I had dabbled a little in a style similar to this. I just sent some pots to Judy Shreve. She posted them, maybe you saw them? Stay warm. Thanks for the online pottery collection series. I think it's great.

  2. Glad you're enjoying it Michael. I have a couple of other yunomi pieces that I'll try to take pictures of tonight. One is an antique slab type basket that is one of my favorite pots. I also have some new low bowls that I use a lot for company desserts like ice cream or sorbet. They're my little treasures.
    In the 80's I was in my oribe period - just using foam stamp designs over celadon, rutile blue and kaki glazes. My drawing skills are just about non existent so the stamping was a good way to get some interest on my forms and glazes.
    You're cups are so charming! They just invite themselves to be picked up!
    I have a bright green oribe that I created mainly for accents inside my leaf and fish designs. I've sketched out some pots to use the oribe like you have on the outer part of the cup and my white slip in the center for my leaf and fish designs. Maybe we can call it American Oribe! LOL

    Till later,