Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cooking beans half the day!

Here's a really nice bowl that we purchased from a gallery in Rotorua, New Zealand in the 80's. It's wood fired with a rich, rust shino and what appears to be wood ash over on the upper third.

Rotorua is this unworldly looking, and feeling, amazing place. From our hotel window we could see all the volcanic steam vents which are all over the town. The Maori still use the hot springs for boiling food and some cooler ones for soaking. It's a country we really loved and if I were moved to live in any other country at this stage of my life, I think it would be my choice.

The climate, like California, runs the gamut - from sub tropical in the North to temperate in the South. The people are warm and wonderful and the country is pristine with beautiful beaches, glaciers, rain forests and plenty of potters. One small town, Nelson, had 80 potters in residence when we were there. There are more sheep than people and many times we had to to wait while some of the huge groups had right of way on the roads. In fact the sheep actually cause a bit of a population problem from their gaseous output! LOL

I thought I'd get a 1/2 day in the studio but our contractor wanted a morning meeting about the upstairs renovation which went of forever. The only studio time I got was to go in at 7am and cover some pots I threw yesterday.
The rest of the day was spent cooking a pinto bean dish from my new vegetarian cookbook, corn bread, and salad dressing, unpacking groceries, doing email, phone calls and a few other house hold chores.
Time to stir the beans again and get the salad greens prepped.

Till later,

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