Sunday, January 18, 2009

Contemporary Oribe Serving bowl

Here's another contemporary oribe bowl that I bought in Japan in the early 80's. As you can see, I'm definitely partial to Oribe!

This morning it's cold and icy here in these mountains. My husband came in after walking the dogs and feeding the birds and the feral cat and suggested I avoid the studio this morning. If I took a fall, I'm afraid my new titanium hip which is only screwed in with one large screw may decide to pop out and since I have no desire to repeat that surgery and recovery time, I will heed his wise counsel.

The pots I threw yesterday and others which need slipping and decorating are covered. The studio plants are watered, so I think I'll get some of my dinner vegetable prepping done this morning. On the menu tonight is a mixed herb and garlic roasted chicken on a bed of chopped vegetables with white wine, garlic mashed potatoes and honey ginger carrots, so I'll just get an early start on all the peeling, chopping and dicing.

I also have a couple of glazes to tweak using my glaze chemistry software, so I'm not lacking in things to do without studio time if the weather doesn't improve.

Till later,


  1. I love all of the oribe!

    Take a day off. It is kind of slippery out there. I have bad knees and can't afford to twist them, and that makes me a stiff and hesitant walker with conditions like today.

  2. I have just found a dish that looks very much like this one.....bought it second hand in New Zealand. Has a potters mark on the bottom.