Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here's another pot from one of my Japan trips. This is a typical Mashiko, kaki glaze over a resisted panel of clear glaze with enamel decor.

The past two days have been filled with the busyness of life - yesterday we had to go to Asheville for food shopping, a few items at Highwater Clay, get the car serviced, have lunch and get me a new orthodontic pad made. There was no time for the studio and so far, today is also getting filled up with non studio things!

This morning I had to bathe and groom both our dogs after breakfast, get myself showered as well and deal with some computer problem and order some new shoes.

Now I'm going to get started on tonight's dinner - beef stew and hopefully once I get it started cooking, have a light lunch, then maybe I can get some studio time in before dinner.

Where does the time go!!!

Till later,

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  1. what a sweet bottle that is!
    I know- and people think all you do is throw pots! LOL- if they only knew we run around like crazy people looking for the time to make pots!