Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shopping day ahead

I spent the morning taking some photos of some of our local artists for the blog. Here's the first one - a large wood/soda fired jar from Ruggles and Rankin who have recently relocated to New Mexico. I'm glad I purchased some of their work while they were still here.

Last night's Tilapia dish was disappointing after all that work. The fish tasted great but the rice with the salsa, black beans, pineapple and cilantro was a bit strong for the fish. That recipe does not go in the recipe box!

They should have the front porch finished today and I guess they'll start tearing out the upstairs bathroom tomorrow or Monday. The new porch is looking much better with the larger, 6" posts replacing the 4" ones.

I spent the morning on picture taking for the blog, cooking and computer work. After lunch we're heading for Elizabethon and Johnson City, TN, to buy sinks, a tub, tile, and fixtures for the bathroom renovations. Hopefully we can buy everything and be done early and head for an early dinner at Cheddars with friends.

Time for a light lunch, read my mail and sort through some of this paper work. I'm planning on working over the weekend to make up for the studio time lost this week on vet and doctors appointments, and these construction projects.

Till later,


  1. I have a Ruggles and Rankin small lidded jar that I bought back in the mid-nineties. I still love it, and my husband loved their house and studio. I didn't know they had relocated. Bummer.

  2. When they initially talked of relocating they were looking at Canada, then New Zealand and even applied to immigrate there. And then the next thing I heard was that they were moving to New Mexico.
    I hope they enjoy it. The weather is awful there - very cold winters; but dry which might be good for his back.
    Their kiln was needing re-building and I think that's what got them thinking about whether they'd want to stay here for the life of another kiln or relocate.
    When I heard they were moving to New Mexico, I wished they would have tried to spend a full winter there before making that decision. Hopefully, they're loving it!